Kansas Prophetic Destiny

5780/2020 Declarations over Kansas:

  • No word spoken by God is without power.
  • The "Breaker" has entered Kansas.
  • The rights of wealth that have been held up, now come into a new order in this nation.
  • The unlocking of the gold, especially in the First People, is a sign for America of it's total restoration.
  • Resources that have been held back are unlocked.
  • The move of God starts now for Kansas.
  • God's Glory is restored to the heart of America through Kansas.
  • The canopy of Glory is over Kansas, spreading to the nation.
  • The Glory that has never been released in fullness has now come.
  • Kansas enforces the victory that He's already won.
  • Kansas is filled with "kingdom" people.
  • "Kingdom" people come into a new level of authority and demonstration.
  • The decrees from Kansas are weapons of warfare.
  • Kansas controls the throne of rulership. 
  • Kansas affects the nation.
  • Kansas is a state of redeeming choice.
  • Kansas has apostolic leadership and vision.
  • The cities of Leavenworth, Topeka, Junction City, Wichita and Dodge City produce sounds of victory.
  • Kansas unlocks a move of God in this nation, that shifts the nation.
  • The Ekklesia, the government of God is activated in Kansas.
  • The finishing anointing is released in Kansas.

Time to Plow Conference-Saturday, August 17, 2019
Prophecy: Sandy: Tongue/Interpretation

Brian Kooiman:
I brought you here to this house because I'm making a new bread. You’ve now come with a seed that has not been brought together with the seed that you previously brought.

There’s a dough that is coming forth and there’s a rising, rising, rising.
Do not think that this seed that you have brought is too small for My leaven to cause to rise. 

Look, for there is going to be a loaf as big as the size of Kansas! It’s rising, rising, rising.
Do not fear that your seed will not multiply. I have brought the heat and the leaven to that which you have brought together in this place and with My glory, it is going to Rise and Rise and Rise!

I am putting a wedge in the oven door. Watch! You have planned for a loaf way too small, but I am going to put a wedge in the door and cause it to rise more than you can see it rise.

The Lord would say this finishing anointing, it’s not the warmed over, old. It is a hot, fiery, strengthening, bold, creative, innovative anointing. It’s no longer you that lives, but Christ is the anointed One in you...And He’s blowing it up!

There’s more...tongue with intense careful articulation.

Chuck: I am preparing a mix in the bowl that you’ve not seen before. I am adding elements that you have not ever tasted of. Watch! Taste and see that I will be good in this land again. 

There are many changes ahead, but know the bowl that I am mixing your communion in, will be different. 

Kansas will be known for a new level of alignment...her destined alignment.

Know that you will align and be mixed together in a new way!