Power Grid Apostolic Network

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Power Grid Apostolic Network

Mission Statement: The mission of Power-Grid Apostolic Network (PGAN) is to connect, equip, facilitate and position ministers and workplace leaders for their God-given destiny.

Vision Statement: The Power-Grid Apostolic Network (PGAN) is a covenantal alliance of ministers and workplace leaders connected for God's Kingdom purposes in the earth.  Strategic networking will create the synergy that releases authority for social and cultural transformation.

  • PGAN provides spiritual protection and accountability through relationship.  This is a key dimension of covenant.
  • PGAN will provide resources and counsel that enable maturity, growth and success.
  • PGAN will be in agreement with God's assignment for each leader and assist in the accomplishment of that vision.
  • PGAN will function from a "Father's" perspective.  The principle of covering originates from the love of God, both to defend and to nurture.
  • PGAN is determined to:
  • Identify and activate ministry gifts   
  • Equip for success
  • Promote strategic networking for breakthrough
  • Affect the culture and bring transformation to territories
  • Impact every area of society
                (church, family, government, media, arts, business, education)

Power-Grid Apostolic Network has as its priority the responsibility
of oversight, counsel, development and increase.

Core Values:
    1. We value God's Word
    2. We value a Biblical worldview
    3. We value prayer
    4. We value personal destiny
    5. We value corporate destiny
    6. We value covenant relationships
    7. We value integrity
    8. We value excellence
We need covenant relationships:
    1. To experience unconditional love
    2. To fulfill personal/corporate destiny
    3. To activate giftings and anointings
    4. To uncover blind spots

What accountability provides:
    1. Oversight and protection
    2. Strengthen relationships
    3. Produce spiritual growth and development
    4. Encourage life adjustments when needed

Benefits of PGAN membership
    1. Equip
        • Teaching
        • Mentoring
        • Impartation
        • Counsel
    2. Personal vision increased
    3. Spiritual growth and development
    4. Experience team synergy
    5. Partner in the apostolic/prophetic move of God

Power-Grid Apostolic Network is a relational and partnering alliance of ministers and workplace leaders connected to empower you in your pursuit of destiny through apostolic alignment.  The mandate of PGAN is to help discover, develop and release your gifts, talents and abilities.

Ministry / Workplace Requirements

     • Born again, according to Romans 10:9-10
     • Accept, believe and carry out the vision of PGAN
     • Leader of a ministry organization
     • Workplace leader
     • Monthly financial offering

P.O. Box 1081• Arkansas City, KS 67005
620 442-5339 •
Founders: Sandy Newman & DeeAnn Ward

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