Govern From The Heart

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Govern From The Heart

Strategic Prayer Network

     Govern From The Heart is designed to bridge the gap between the secular and the sacred. The power of passion and intellect will merge. Many spheres of influence will become a part of this transformation vehicle. Business, government, education, media, arts and the church will converge to create a synergistic movement to strengthen our nation, from the heart.

      This network is for influencers in the church and the workplace.  Influence is a key to transformation and that begins in the home and reaches out to the workplace and beyond.

      The secret is to meet people at their point of need, repair the damage, invest in their potential and expect dramatic results.

      God put an apostolic/prophetic team together to lead Kansas into social transformation.  We are committed to prepare, position and facilitate this region for its God-given destiny and purpose.


  • To build and maintain an effective prayer network in Kansas
  • To advance God's Kingdom
  • To shift the state to righteousness and justice


  • Establish a database for mobilizing statewide prayer
  • Develop network regions
  • Appoint regional leaders
  • Set in spiritual mappers and researchers in each region
  • Equip for community transformation, specific to area
  • Invite transformation specialists to Kansas for equipping and impartation
  • Connect and complete assignments in each region
  • Attend scheduled meetings for corporate prayer, discussion, strategy and building relationships

Serving together all across our great state.
Pressing towards the mark,
Sandy Newman & DeeAnn Ward


Regional Leaders

Region 1 – Robert & Georgetta Schoenfeld

Region 2 – Dennis & Marcia Mehlhaff


Region 3 – Barbara Murphy

Region 4 – Dr. Dale & Anita Hensley

Region 5 – Richard & Susan Duff

Region 6 – Charles & Kawanis Scott

Region 7 – John & Connie Seibel

Region 8 – Dan & Cindie Crevier

Region 9 – Bob & Dee Dee Deacon

Region 10 - Craig & Debbie Atkinson

Region 11 – Bart & Jean Balthazor

Region 12 – Brendt & Kim Wills