An Apostolic / Prophetic Team

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An Apostolic / Prophetic Team

Activating Reformation

Sandy Newman and DeeAnn Ward, a dynamic team, are founders of Destiny Ministries, Turning Point Apostolic Center, Govern From The Heart and Power Grid Apostolic Network. They are recognized as fivefold ministry gifts in the body of Christ.  Sandy functions as an apostle and DeeAnn as an apostle/prophet.

Destiny Ministries is the 501c3 corporation that oversees the church, the prayer network and the apostolic network.

Govern From The Heart is a statewide apostolic/prophetic prayer network. This organization of prayerful men and women is committed to the cultural transformation of Kansas. There is a grassroots watchman movement sweeping the state of Kansas. This strategic network creates a synergy across the state that releases the Kingdom of God with measurable results.

Power-Grid Apostolic Network (PGAN) is a covenantal alliance of ministers and workplace leaders connected for God's Kingdom purposes in the earth.  Strategic networking will  create the synergy that  releases authority for  social and cultural transformation.

Turning Point Apostolic Center is an apostolic/prophetic center that is committed to stewarding the word of the Lord and seeing revival come through an encounter with God.

Sandy and DeeAnn carry an unprecedented energy to connect and serve. They are dedicated to see people and regions come into a new era of biblical influence and prosperity.  Creating this culture of opportunity, motivation, prosperity and joy are the things that cause them to live with purpose and passion.

They are real people! Their enthusiasm for God and zeal for life is contagious.