Current Prophetic Words

What the Lord is saying at Turning Point Apostolic Center

Barbara Murphy:
This is a non-stop arrow. Non-stop driving against the enemy and taking your territory over.

Diane Hicks:
I see army boots walking over the bridge. We are crossing that bridge and it is not going to be difficult. God is providing everything that you need.

Stephanie Condit:
Some of your bridges may look a little rickety, like 'Raiders of the lost Ark' but you’ve got a bridge, hang on and go over.

DeeAnn Ward :

There are some things that are over, a clean sweep, over and done with. Things you may anticipate that are going to go on and on and linger. God says, I’m taking a knife and cutting it off from your life.

God wants to strengthen and assure us. The Lord says, in this season you can trust that My goodness is going before you. As My goodness goes before you and you acknowledge that and place your trust in that, you will abound in faith. That will be your constant state of peace and good will, even in your relationships or old challenging relationships. As you call on His goodness to prevail and to go forward, He says, My goodness will manifest. You will say, this is the goodness of God.

There are many things that are called and appointed and designated to distract you. Some of which is none of your business. So you need to be careful what you are getting entangled with because if you get entangled with something that is not of faith and not of God, it messes you up. It causes you to live in fear and if you are in fear you cannot move in faith. God has not given us a spirit of fear. So when we take note of what is going on, just take note of it and let it go. If you can't do anything about it, offer it up to God and then you go on about what God has called you to do. Get in faith about what God has called you to do and enjoy your daily life.

DeeAnn Ward :
I heard the Lord say, I am the only one that can. 
I am the only one that can. 
I have done it. I do it and I will do it again 
I am about to do unbelievable, remarkable works in this day, says the Lord.
I am the only one that can. 
I am the only one that can. 
I am the only one that can and I will, says the Lord. 
I am the only one that can. 
I am the only one that can. 
I am the only one that can.

DeeAnn Ward: For the Lord would say, get ready, get ready, get ready. I'm opening up new fields of harvest for you, opening up new doors that you're going to walk through. You're going to witness to Who I Am in your life. You're going to witness to My goodness. You're going to witness to the reality of the Great I Am. And I say to you, there will come a new joy when you have opportunity to open your mouth. When you have opportunity to pray. When you have opportunity to speak My word. God says, get ready, you're going to enjoy the future because I've got a plan to bring in the harvest through you. God, give us eyes to see so that we will not reject these opportunities and think that couldn't be for me. God says, I have chosen you.

DeeAnn Ward: This is a season saith the Lord, for the revealing of My sons. Yes, this is the season of separation of those who have entered into manifesting My sonship and simply those who are waiting around for their Sonship to be experienced in the afterlife. Your life is created to manifest My sonship and even My word says that all of creation is waiting for this revealing, all creation is waiting and God says, it is time, it is My time for the revealing of My sonship and that will be a glorious advance in the earth for the kingdom. For the kingdom is advanced by sons. The kingdom is advanced by those who know who they are in Me. And as I go forward in you, creating in you a new and greater image, a greater manifestation of My own personality, My oneness with the Father.

DeeAnn Ward: You are My crown, you are My joy, you are My beauty, you are My loving kindness in the earth. You represent all that I am and all that I ever have been and shall be. Do not expect anything less than great visitations of My loving kindness in this season. For that which was painful in the past will now be the stepping stone to the future of your greatness. I have intended and called you to greatness. I have intended you to represent My true image in this day, not some religious force trying to clon you. I intend for you to be the unique individual I created you to be. You are My crown., My joy.

Stephanie Condit: I saw a game show set from back in the 70’s with Door #1, 2 or 3. One of them had the big prize. No matter what door you pick, I saw Jesus show up in it. Holy Spirit is encouraging us today to not worry. God’s ways are higher than ours. Be confident and take the worry out and know that God is leading you even when you don’t know you are being led. There is a tremendous amount of grace on us. "Do not worry about what door you pick because I am leading you."

DeeAnn Ward: God says, "in the middle of this darkness and confusion, I have My own plan. There is abundant grace for a new level of sanctification -  being set apart unto God, body, soul and spirit. There is grace for your body, your mind, will, emotions and there is grace for enlargement of your spiritual eyes and spiritual ears. Expect a whole new level of relationship available in victory and in hope. Expect many blessings to come upon you in this season. I’m going to give some of you a backbone."

DeeAnn Ward: I am building a testimony in you says the Lord. I am working out a testimony in your life. Though you are overwhelmed at times, be assured, be confident that I am building a testimony for My Glory in your life. There is soon to be a change of seasons. There is soon to be a recognition of who I am in your life. There will be opportunities to speak of the redemptive work that I have done in your life. Get your testimony ready because I am building it and you are going to say it.

Stephanie Condit: The Father says the more you feel My love, the more fear disappears. The more you feel My love, the more fear fades away. The more you feel My love, the more secure you will be. Feel My love today.

DeeAnn Ward: I decree and declare the sons of God are no longer manipulated by the spirit of fear but we have the spirit of power and love and a sound mind. And we declare that is covering the US Postal Service and every other form of delivery of the righteousness and justice of the King of kings. 

DeeAnn Ward: It is God’s intent in this season, as you grow in love and His nature, that you are going to find love in most of the darkness that you presently are being affected by. Watch for love to open up the door for the light to shine in the darkness. Fill yourself with the emotions and the identity of love and you will find your path illuminated and darkness will be dispelled in this season.

Prophetic Direction:
• It's written in our spiritual DNA for all
impossibilities to bow at the name of Jesus.
• No word spoken by God is without power.
• For with God, all things are possible.
• We are standing at a place of extreme
visitation, supernatural strength, quantum
faith and national redemption.

July 26, 2020

DeeAnn Ward : I hear the Spirit of the Lord say:

As death and hell seek to capture My children, I say to you, if you are My child, there is nothing too difficult for you to overcome. I’ve given you everything you need for life and godliness according to the plan, pre-ordained before the foundations of the world.

My Son was slain before the foundation. You were placed in My Son before the foundation. The manifestation and the time for exaltation and the glory of God is to come upon My beloved Sons. And now is the hour that you walk in this freedom.

There isn’t anything that can hold you down or distract you. There is a mighty powerful force called "Life in Christ Jesus" that is abundantly moving in and through your being. As you go forth, the fear factor is defeated as you become aware of the power of eternal life that has been given to you.

You have been separated from the kingdom of death and hell and darkness. You have been resurrected, you have been placed under the authority of the Kingdom of Life in Christ Jesus.

July 5, 2020

Stephanie Condit: Your mouth sets the boundaries. Your mouth prophesies. Your mouth goes before you and opens up the way. The Lord is saying, open up your mouth, don’t let anything stop you from opening up your mouth and declaring the Word of the Lord, declaring your way, declaring the truth, declaring your future. Your future is bright.


June 28, 2020

DeeAnn Ward: I keep hearing the word “showcase." I’m going to showcase. As you showcase Me in your private inner life, I’m going to showcase you in a public way. This is a divine set up in this season for Me to showcase My sons and My daughters. It is the season for Me to shine forth in illumination and brilliance that defies the carnal nature of the culture that you live in. You are not bound by the culture, you are not bound by religion. You are free to experience My brilliance, My nature, My power and My authority. The lights are on and the showcase is lit up. Get ready to do exploits that will come as naturally as breathing in and out.

June 14, 2020

DeeAnn Ward: This is a great season for you to come under My training. This is a great season for you to hear My still small voice. I am in the still and small of things is this season. The world is grumbling and shaking but I am training My children. I am maturing My children with My still small voice. I have not only got hold of you, I am talking to you and leading you. I am going to lead you by signs and wonders. You are going to see signs in nature, in all creation that are going to speak to you about My nearness and goodness. Don’t fear, you are closer to Me and I am closer to you in this season. Stay close to Me and I will lead you. You will hear Me in My Word, songs and nature. Get a good attitude says the Lord, come into joy and peace today. This season of nearness looks like, My joy, My peace, My righteousness, My training, My maturing, My signs and wonders. See yourself being led by the One that is holding on to you.


November 10, 2019

Stephanie Condit: I hear the Lord say it is going to get better and better. He is coming to change your perception. He says look at Me and it will get better and better and better.

DeeAnn Ward: God is saying through the power of His spirit, His presence is being manifested in your life. There is going to come a strength that is beyond your previous experience. The strength, joy, power and love of the Lord is yours in this season because it is going to be multiplied unto you. It is going to be observable and measurable, you are going to say I can’t believe I’m not caving in, or giving in, I’m not sad or sorrowful because the strength of the Lord is coming in a new and powerful way. It’s going to look like joy unspeakable and full of glory. You are going to say how can I be happy when things are falling apart. He says, because I’m manifesting Myself in a new and powerful way in your life. Don’t be afraid of the future. You are being recreated in the powerful image of My son, in the powerful image and character of His strength and His joy. 

October 13, 2019

Becky Albert: I saw the Lord step into our praises. He was on fire and He had a prayer shawl around His shoulders. He took His shawl and descended among us to wrap it around each one of us individually. As He wrapped His shawl around us individually, the fire that was in Him came into us. We were burning together with joy. It is all about the love, the Lord says. My people have looked for the mechanics of intimacy and they have forgotten about the love that I have for them. Joy comes as a result of knowing My love. So in this season He wants you to know that He is joining you in a new covenant of love. He is downloading into you the fire of passion that burns from a heart that knows His love. In this season, open yourself to Me and praise Me with joy and in the praising Me with joy, I will ascend and descend into your praises. I will come to you with a new intimacy.

Jo Pierpoint: I saw a picture of little kids when the fire hydrants are opened to flow. The kids got in the streets and played, romped and were totally saturated. I  saw all of us being saturated in His joy, in His love and His peace for this season. Don’t be afraid to jump on in.

June 30, 2019

Jo Pierpoint: When we were singing "Ancient of Days" I saw an ancient gateway and people came through it. As they were coming through the gateway, they were stepping into something new. The old was falling off of them. It was like they were glowing. The Ancient of Days sent His son so that we may walk in the new, embrace the new, that we may have a new identity. May we realize who we are in Him. He is in us and we are in Him and He is in the Father. When we embrace this new identity, we can reach up and touch Him. We always pray, "thy kingdom come." God said, why don't you just come up here? 

June 9, 2019

Becky Albert: I hear the Lord say, the lid is coming off, I'm taking the lid off limitations that have held you in the past. I saw the fire falling from heaven, I saw the portal, I saw the lid open over this place. I saw it begin as embers and the embers kept flowing and then it became a river of fire. I saw it burning up every tether, every stronghold, every thought process, everything that has limited this place and these people. I am burning it up today. I have come in as the King of Glory. I am the King of Glory.  I am coming in boldness and such power and such authority on the inside of you, such as the world has not seen before. This is the season, says the Lord, this is the time. Open up yourself to Me today and I will do those things that I have promised in My word. Today is the day, today is your day of Pentecost. Today is your day of fire, open up yourself to Me, says the Lord. 

DeeAnn Ward: For the gates of the city are on the inside of you. You are My gates, saith the Lord. You are My house. You are My temple. Let Me come in, in this new form of glory, this new form of power, this new form of the administration of My spirit. My spirit does not come today as a lamb, my spirit comes as a lion, the tribe of Judah. So brace up, because I'm coming in a powerful way to open up your gate, saith the Lord.

June 2, 2019

Stephanie Condit: The angels are pouring blessings out and it's just a matter of receiving. The Lord says, I want you to come up, I want you to come up and in this the blessings are coming down. You come up and the blessings are coming down. He says today I want to show you things from My perspective. I want you seeing things from a heavenly perspective because some things are not as they appear. There is a higher perspective that I want to bless you with because in that perspective there is joy, there is peace, there is a place of rest that I want to give you today. Just receive it, come up.

DeeAnn Ward: We need to recognize that we are all seated with Christ in heavenly places.

May 19, 2019

DeeAnn Ward: God is dealing with your doubt and unbelief. I'm attacking your doubt and unbelief with My goodness, saith the Lord. I'm going to render your doubt and unbelief ineffective as you go forward. You will know My true love nature. Love never fails, love is what makes faith work. I'm addressing the cracks. It's going to be like sweet honey flowing down through those cracks as you experience My goodness and My love in the days ahead. Do not worry when I attack your doubt and unbelief. I'll attack it with My goodness and My love and free you to believe, in Jesus name.

April 14, 2019

Jo Pierpoint: I saw Jesus dancing with a human being; ring around the rosy on the mountain top. He has His crown on. He took it off and put it on the person and when He did, they started ascending up into the heavens. 

DeeAnn Ward: In this season I've called you to wear My crown. I've called you to wear a crown of victory. You can participate in My resurrection victory because we are one with the Father and I am in you and you are in Me and we are in the Father. As that revelation continues to mature in us, the Lord would say, this is your season to understand that we share the victors’ crown because you are one with Me. Wow.