The Hebrew Months of Adar I and Adar II

    02.29.24 | by Sandy Newman & DeeAnn Ward

    The Hebrew Months of Adar I and Adar II

    Adar I - February 10 - March 10 Adar II - March 11 - April 8

    *The Jewish calendar, which aligns with the moon's phases, starts a new month with each cresent moon. Since the lunar year is about 11 days shorter than the solar year used by the Gregorian calendar, a 13th month is added seven times every 19 years to synchronize the lunar calendar with the seasons. This ensures that the holidays fall in the proper timeframe. It creates Adar II on the Jewish calendar and a leap year on the Gregorian calendar.

    Alphabet: KUF - removing the masquerade; entering joy

    Tribe: Naphtali - time of celebration because the curse is overturned

    • True identity reflected.
    • Authority over evil decrees.
    • Depression and despair breaks through into faith.
    • Light entering into darkness.

    Constellation: Pisces (the fishes) - find supply in hidden places (Peter found tax money in the mouth of a fish...)

    • Let's go fishing!!
    • God reveals hidden riches.
    • Don't worry/be happy.
    • God never runs out of options.

    DeeAnn's Prophetic Adventure:

    There was a whisper that said, I am going to turn it around. I found myself in a vault. The doors were open. There was a table and bookshelves. I had a sense that what was about to happen was a part of God's will for my life. I was acting out of a scroll that I had seen before. I suddenly knew the vault was filled with the scrolls of the destinies of America. A blue scroll came down and I knew it was a part of my scroll. I was to pray a 'turn around' for the civil government of the United States. Today God has said the words, "turn around." I perceive the nation has been praying from the least to the greatest, those who know they are the ekklesia, to those who have no idea, but have a heart towards the nation and a return to Godliness. There is not enough righteousness at this point to turn the nation around. It must be turned by Your Sovereign Promise You made to our nation. Therefore I decree: the bowls are filled and tipping. I decree: God will turn America around. I watched angels come to the vault. The scrolls were on what looked like an assembly line belt and as each scroll came across the belt an angel picked it up and headed NE to Washington DC from the vault. I have never had this kind of confidence before. I believe it's the model or prototype. God wants us to believe. He places in us His prayer. He quickens us by His Holy Spirit, we ascend, He opens doors, He rolls out the scrolls and we pray His Word. The Spirit, His Word and the decrees from heavenly places is the assurance that we have as we go forward. God took me into that vault with all of America's scrolls! WOW!

    DeeAnn and I are thankful for your prayer support, financial support and moral support over all the years. May the harvest from all that seed provide for you superabundantly above anything you have ever dreamed. Amen.

    Checking Our Scrolls!

    Sandy Newman and DeeAnn Ward

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