The Hebrew Month of Kislev 2019

    12.01.19 | by Sandy Newman & DeeAnn Ward

    We celebrate and participate in firstfruits as an important way to enter cycles of blessing!

    We are armed and ready with faith that shoots like an arrow in the dark and hits the mark! That arrow represents the words of our mouth carrying an incredible accuracy.

    The potential of the unseen is released with words. When God said "let" He spoke to every force preventing light from being revealed.

    Darkness had a destiny then and now - to be transformed to light - with words.

    Apparently God is comfortable in the dark because He has a plan called "light." He easily moves in the dark as He focuses on what He wants to create. That's His method of operation. His MO. He focuses on what He wants to create and speaks. That is the message of Kislev--speak the words of light.

    He didn't talk to stuff He could see - ie the darkness. He spoke to the thing He wanted - ie the light. Why do we make this so hard. He didn't address the darkness. He addressed the light.

    God had an eternal plan for the earth and the people that weren't even there yet. We are here now though and God wants us to co-create with Him..."As He is so are we in this world." One of the key characteristics of Kislev is the power of our words.

    The intention of darkness is to keep us there. The culture of darkness creates an atmosphere of danger and says, don't move, don't rock the boat. This is what we know about God in Genesis. He moves in the darkness and then He speaks. We move into darkness and we speak!

    This Hebrew month has an emphasis on our words. This is the Hebrew year that has an emphasis on our words. Wow! The prophetic revelation of this timeframe could change everything. Right Now! It did for God in the beginning.

    Kislev/5780 Declarations:
    • I govern what comes out of my mouth.
    • I establish the will of God through what I say.
    • I decree a thing and it is done.
    • I call those things that are not seen and they come.
    • I stop the enemy with my words.

    DeeAnn and I release this over you:
    We declare every word of frustration, blaming or judgment spoken to you will not come to pass. We say the will of God trumps the will of the enemy. We cancel the potential of words to bring diversion to the plan of God in your life.

    Thank you so much for partnering with us. You are a blessing and we certainly know that we are in kingdom alignment with you. If you would like to give an end-of-the-year financial gift, it must be post marked no later than December 31. Thank you for your faithfulness in so many ways. This may be our last newsletter of the year so...

    Happy Hanukkah
    Merry Christmas
    Happy New Year

    Sandy Newman and DeeAnn Ward