Life is filled with choices

    08.11.22 | by Sandy Newman & DeeAnn Ward

    Such as: We choose: Blessing or cursing: Faith or fear; Life or death.

    But what if it's not obvious and I choose wrong. That's not going to happen because right now we're choosing the word.

    I Cor 1: I pray that God and Jesus will cover us with grace and peace. In this grace, God is enriching every aspect of our lives by gifting us with the right words to say and everything we need to know. In this way, our life story follows the life story of Jesus. I'll make the right decisions because He did. I'll choose right, because He did. He has gifted me with the right words and the wisdom I need for every situation.

    As He is, so am I in this world. There was no lack in His life. And there's no lack in mine.

    I've got grace. His ability to do in me what I can't do for myself. I've got peace. says: peace is a realm where chaos is not allowed to enter.

    Because of that grace and peace I'm enriched in every area of my life. I'm gifted with the right words to say...but it doesn't stop there.

    I Cor 2: We do impart true wisdom. Not phony wisdom typical of this rebellious age or of the hostile powers who rule this age. Despite what we may think or see or hear, these ruling spirits are losing their grip on this world.

    We are in a critical time frame to keep advancing, to allow God's word to become alive in us. When His word becomes alive in us we enter a dimension of power and if we land at the gates of hell - grace, peace, wisdom steps forward and we know exactly what to say and what to do. DONE.

    Let's remember Jacob. He ended up in a place he called the house of God, the gate or door of heaven. He saw a ladder with angels going up and down. Going from earth to heaven and heaven to earth. A gate is where there is movement. We are coming into an understanding that translates into greater authority. The "ladder" is here and whatever is needed will come down.

    At Decree A Thing on July 29, Chuck Pierce stated that an effectual door will open from Kansas and there will be many enemies that will oppose this door. We are opening something that will create a move, but we have to know there will be great opposition in this move. Kansas is a gate. We gathered with heaven watching so God could say, I have a remnant that I can draw together anywhere, anytime and the sound of that remnant connects with My Voice and I will multiply it throughout this land.

    So we keep decreeing a thing, worshiping God, gaining knowledge and understanding about who He is and who we are. We stand in joy no matter what comes. We make the decision to not exalt disappointments above the knowledge of God. God knows the end from the beginning. This is not the end of the story for Kansas nor America. Jesus is the resurrection and the life. God is restoring dead things back to life. Faith is being birthed for this. There is a sound of revival and our faith says, Yes And Amen!

    Stay encouraged. Things are happening. The content of our newsletters is shifting to keep up to date with understanding time as it relates to current events, a worldview that is biblical and the power of His word to overwhelm and overcome any obstacle on our path.

    If you have not watched Decree A Thing, it's on our website. It's had almost 3000 views. Those three hours are full of hope, strategy, strength and a roar that carried and continues to carry a wave of glory into a victorious now and a victorious future!

    DeeAnn and I want to thank you for standing, believing, growing, overcoming, giving and holding onto His promises. As we do all that together we will see the resurrection power of Jesus and the wave of glory come with salvations, notable miracles, evil dealt with and righteousness prevail. No doubt about it!

    Glory To God,

    Sandy Newman and DeeAnn Ward 

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