06.09.21 | by Sandy Newman & DeeAnn Ward

    JUNE 11 - JULY 9 2021

    Historically for Israel this is a month of tragedies. It is called the door to three dangerous months. Moses was on Mt Sinai receiving instruction from God. When he came down to deliver the word of the Lord to the nation, he found them worshiping a golden calf. That idol worship was birthed out of delay. Moses was taking too long in their opinion. Of all the things they could have focused on...

    Moses was instructed to go to the mountain for 40 days and one commentary said on the 39th day, the rebellion began. What...they couldn't wait one more day! They had so much to worship God for. *God had brought them out of 400 years of bondage. *He provided their food and water. *He led them in supernatural ways...and they just couldn't wait any longer.

    Here's the deal. Delay can birth fear and loss of who He is and who we are in Him. That was important then and is so key in our day and age. It can lead to self-pity and one bad thing after another. It can sound like this: "I do all the right things and nothing good ever happens. I get over one bad thing and another occurs. Is this all there is?" That becomes a cycle of defeat.

    Not anymore! The culture of self pity and victimhood are defeated. Tragedy is turned into redemption, restoration and transformation. We start with this kind of thinking - in ancient times the prophets said there would be bad times and good times and it would lead to complete redemption and transformation. One rabbi, walking through the ruins of the temple said, I have seen the bad, NOW I am certain the good will come to pass.

    We've got to train ourselves to see things in a faith context. We must develop an ability to see beyond what we see in the natural. We are not talking about letting the devil run over us. When the enemy comes after us, we turn in faith towards the situation, resist the devil and he flees. Done.

    Even in the face of incredible odds, it can all be transformed. Never lose sight of this - God knows exactly where you are. You have what you need to move forward. He will give you strength to receive the grace available in this season.

    Here's something very cool about God. Nothing ever "occurs" to Him - Oh, I didn't know that was going to happen. Heaven's no! God calls things that are not, as though they are. God calls things that are not, to come and bring to nothing the things are.

    A Revival Perspective: When you confess your future - you set it into motion.

    Example: God looked 1000's of years ahead into our day, saw us and changed Abram's name to Abraham - the father of many nations.

    God spoke to Abraham before it happened, as if it had happened and it did happen. What a life!!

    Our prayer and declaration over you during this "interesting season."
    • God covers you with grace and peace.

    • You have the right words to say and everything you need to know.
    • You make the right decisions. You choose right.
    • As He is, so are you in this world.

    • Peace is a realm where chaos (sickness; strife; brokenness; loss) is not allowed to enter.

    Thank you for partnering with us so we all become what God has purposed for our lives. We're working together to move into our kingdom assignments. Your intercession, kind encouragement, giving and testimonies are such a blessing!

    Changing History Not Repeating It,

    Sandy Newman and DeeAnn Ward

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