06.02.22 | by Sandy Newman & DeeAnn Ward

    Sivan is the third of the twelve months of the Hebrew calendar. It is the month of Pentecost. Sivan is associated with the tribe of Zebulun, who had an ability in business and economy. This is the month the two tablets of the law were given at Mt. Sinai.

    Let's break down that paragraph so we can get our faith on this thing.

    • The number 3 means whole, complete, perfect. It's a divine stamp of fulfillment on an event or an issue.
    • Pentecost is a time of celebrating God's physical provision, God's provision of revelation, God's provision
    of the Holy Spirit.
    • Zebulun was the wealth tribe.
    • Tablets of law given which included how to live free.


    Abundance from the Bible is acknowledged to be a blessing from God. Definitions of abundance are: extremely plentiful, over sufficient supply, overflowing fullness. Limiting beliefs guard that gate and keep it closed off to you and I. Western mindsets have complicated our journey and have led us to "just enough thinking" and not God's "more than enough thinking."

    So here we go! The media, fear based news and out of date ideas make up the invisible enemy that builds the case for a mainstream poverty mentality. We must not accept scarcity and struggle.


    The anointing on this month of abundance will facilitate asking the Holy Spirit to reveal personal limiting beliefs. We'll see those limiting beliefs guarding the gate. We'll also see the unlimited ability of God overcoming every limitation and opening that gate.

    The poverty, victim mentality manifests through a pattern of thinking. It can be shifted easily. Refocus awareness OFF neediness and pity and ON to overcoming and appreciation. When we put our attention on feelings of thankfulness for what we do have, then in a rather miraculous way, our energy increases and our mindset shifts.

    **So why the camels? So glad you asked. Sivan is the third month of the Hebrew year. The third letter of the Hebrew calendar is Gimal. Gimal in ancient Hebrew means a camel. A camel is a beast of burden. It survives the worst desert conditions. It doesn't require much food nor water. You've heard the expression - "the camels are coming." Camels were a source of wealth for the ancient patriarchs. The wealthy patriarchs of old had many camels to carry supplies, food and necessities. Check out Isaiah 60:6, "A stream of camels will come upon you bringing gold and frankincense and they will proclaim the praises of the Lord."

    Sivan Declarations:
    • I am grateful for what I have now.
    • I ground myself in truth, not circumstances.
    • I am free from worry, fear and stress.
    • My camels are coming.

    The month of Sivan is filled with potential. Understand that God wants increase, multiplication and prosperity for His people. Poverty has an assignment against you and we break it with the power of the glorified Son, Jesus Christ.

    DeeAnn and I appreciate you, bless you, honor you. Many are giving on a monthly basis either by check or online. We so appreciate your giving into what is being built in this territory. Without us all serving and blessing the Lord through our giving, things just would not be accomplished. We can't thank you enough. Please never consider your gifts are too small. Remember the widows mite and what Jesus had to say about that.

    Our Camels Are Coming,

    Sandy Newman and DeeAnn Ward

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