01.14.21 | First Fruits by Sandy Newman & DeeAnn Ward

    We have been in a holding pattern waiting on the next broadcast, the next email blast, the next prophecy---the next anything with hope...waiting on something to shine a light on our future. What is the future?

    A definition of future from the Webster's dictionary: FROM NOW ON.

    We're going to make a huge statement right here, "THE FUTURE IS HERE AND IT IS IN CHRIST."

    The future is in Christ!! He is alive and in you. Our future is here and now we move by His faith. We are in the "now" of His faith. We live by the faith of the Son of God.

    To understand, think about Jesus living in His future. The Bible says He was slain before the foundations of the earth. Then He came and lived out what already happened.

    Jeremiah says, Lord You knew me before I was formed in my mother's womb. The Apostle Paul says, Lord You gave me purpose before the foundations of the earth. Our future in the earth realm was secured in the heavenly realm--before. My future in the earth realm is secured because it started before. It started before I knew it started!

    The revelation that our future has arrived, that we are in it from now on is very "Shevat" like. On the 1st day of Shevat, Moses spoke to the children of Israel and said, "you have been here long enough, turn and take your journey. The land is before you, go in and possess your promised land."

    Shevat is about doing what we do by faith. From now on is about His Voice. Moving by the Spirit before seeing! Doing what we do by faith. My faith calls those things that be not, as though they are.

    Declarations: From Now On!

    • My faith is what I stand on.

    • My faith is evidence of hope.

    • My hope is built on knowing Him.

    • I am not moved by circumstances. I am awake. I am a force. I am not controlled. I am not afraid. I am not giving up.

    The prophetic season we are in is about penetrating darkness, giving clear perspective and staying in the now of faith.

    DeeAnn and I release this prayer declaration over you...from now on...

    May you be hidden in His faithfulness. May you be empowered to seize what has already been established ahead of time. May you stand firm, steadfast and unmovable in Him. May you live with unshakeable confidence in Him.

    Thank you for your 2020 intercession, encouragements and financial support. Thank you ahead of time for your 2021 intercession, encouragements and financial support. Please consider giving on a monthly basis. It helps us plan. You are a blessing to us in so many ways. Thank you Jesus.

    From Now On...

    Sandy Newman and DeeAnn Ward


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