03.04.22 | by Sandy Newman & DeeAnn Ward

    At the beginning of the new Hebrew year we wrote that we've entered a period of time where the voice of truth comes from the house of God. Both the "church" house and "your" house. With the current events taking place this very moment, we must enforce God's government in the earth realm.

    How do I do that...I'm just a regular person, no platform, no audience, not even a twitter account - so how can I enforce anything as significant as God's government?

    First, you are not "regular person." You are a son of God with His inheritance of strength, power, wisdom and supernatural ability.

    Second, your platform is the unseen realm, the audience is all of heaven and the earth is tweeting...they're awake and speaking!

    Using Esther as a reference point, here's a summary of the month of Adar II.
    • Nothing is too difficult for God.
    • God has a way to trump the plans of the enemy.
    • Evil decrees can be broken.
    • A nation can be saved in a short amount of time.
    • Sorrow can be turned to joy and celebration.

    The thing that stands out when reading the book of Esther is a confession of faith. Mordecai heard something, he said it to Esther and she executed a plan to expose evil. Great story but how do we apply it to our lives.

    With all the uncertainty, unknowns, agendas, opinions...what do I do, what do I say, what do I plan for?

    There are scriptures that let us know exactly what to do about all that.
    • Job 22; Decree a thing and it shall be established.
    • Matthew 12; By your words you are justified. by your words you are condemned.
    • James 3; A man who offends not in word, the same is a perfect man enabled to govern the whole body.
    • Proverbs 18; Life and death are in the power of the tongue.

    Our words make a difference! How do I reverse the curse of my very own words such as: I'm sick and tired; I'm getting old; I've made mistakes with raising kids, financial decisions, health decisions...

    Here's a law of scripture that has the potential to reverse that. Joel 3; Let the weak say I am strong.

    I can, I will, I choose, I love, I empower, I bless - as opposed to I can't, I want, I need, I fear, I worry.

    I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me. Philippians 4.

    When we say what heaven is saying, when we speak the same thing, when we agree, declare - then we will see our confession of faith. God's word tells us to remember what He did during the times of Esther and apply it to our lives. God proved Himself faithful to His promise to watch over His word and perform it.

    He watches over the confession of the word of God coming from you and He hastens to perform it! Let's stick with the Word, confess it and watch God create incredible stuff. In fact, a celebration is in order!!

    DeeAnn and I are grateful for our partners who pray, encourage and financially support Destiny. Apostle Paul made this declaration after receiving a financial gift: My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Wow, sending that word to you!

    *Prayers and decrees from the Word for Ukraine, Russia, China and more nations as God speaks to you. Truth prevails!

    His Word Is Truth,
    Sandy Newman and DeeAnn Ward

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