GONE WITH THE WIND! The Hebrew Month of Elul

    08.16.23 | by Sandy Newman & DeeAnn Ward


    The world is changing, culture is changing, atmospheres are changing. There is much fear, anxiety, stress, anger - but for us...it is a season of opportunity. In other words, knowing the changes are taking place sets us up to go beyond the systems we have used in the past to maneuver through crazy times.

    God is calling us to step into unknown territory. Oh, but I'm not familiar with this. I just want to keep doing what I've always done. I want to do the same thing over and over, every day. Listen - there is a shaking coming soon, say the prophets. The preparation for this shaking is NOT that we would pray it away. God wants to increase our ability to release and demonstrate levels of His kingdom power and authority that have not been seen in our lifetime...in the midst of a shaking!

    The enemy knows what to do with a people who go to church, experience no real change nor conviction and act like God isn't really God. BUT, the devil does not know what to do with a people that are changed daily into the image of Christ, who walk in personal and inward conviction and honor Him in every way. We are living in one of the most important times in history. It seems many organizations have an "agenda." So does God. God's agenda involves us and our faith and our actions. The challenge for us is to stay in faith in the midst of the contradictions we see all around us every day, almost every moment. Challenge accepted!

    A young couple in my family (Sandy) purchased over 100 acres of land in the country and decided they would build a cement home and do most of the work themselves. They worked for over a year to clear the land and prepare the ground for their forever home. The cement floor was done a couple months ago. They put up the wall forms for the cement to be poured into - no tornadic wind would touch this home when completed! A week ago I got a call from them and the whole thing had been blown away by a straight wind. I stood in front of this devastation and heard these words, "Gone With The Wind." I said to the Lord, what does an old movie have to do with this? Yes, their home was 'gone with the wind' but my family will be alright. Insurance and their desire will take them forward. The operative word in that phrase was "wind."


    The experience took me into a kingdom advantage that our God placed in the fabric of creation - the 4 winds. God gave us dominion over everything He created in Genesis. Specifically in the book of Mark, Jesus spoke to the wind. Jesus said we would do what He did and greater things.

    The North wind: Pro 25:23 amp - "the north wind brings forth rain..."

    The East wind: Ex 14:21;28 amp - "Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea and the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind and made the sea dry land and the waters were divided." "The waters returned and covered the chariots, the horsemen and all the host of Pharaoh that pursued them and not one of them remained."

    The South wind: Ps 78:26-28 amp - "...by His power He guided the south wind. Quail fell upon them like sand of the seas. He let the birds fall in the midst of their camp..."

    The West wind: Ex 10:19 amp - "And the Lord turned a west wind which lifted the locusts and drove them into the Red Sea, not one locust remained in all the country of Egypt."

    Gone With The Wind -

    Gone is the drought; gone are our enemies; gone is poverty and lack; gone is the devourer.

    We aren't introducing a new wind doctrine by any means. We are learning to exercise our kingdom rights to gain divine access in this new place we find ourselves in. The Holy Spirit is releasing things that are hidden in darkness and bringing us into a place of divine access. That prepares us to overcome whatever we face.

    DeeAnn and I bless you for your gifts of friendship, finances, encouragement, insight. It's all so appreciated.

    Going - Going - Going - Gone.

    Sandy Newman and DeeAnn Ward

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