Strength of the Buffalo

Today I was watching the morning prayer watch at Glory of Zion.

This word came - I'm causing My people to rise up in the strength of a buffalo to tear down the structure of the enemy - what the enemy is trying to build as a reality.

And the Lord says, No, I'm giving you the strength of a buffalo to come and tear that down.

Immediately I repented for one of the greatest atrocities in America which happened in Dodge City, KS.

Buffalo hunters decimated the bison herds in western Kansas leaving the American tribes without a source of food, clothing, tools and bartering.

There's a famous picture of over 40,000 hides piled high in Dodge City on the Sante Fe Trail.

I'm just going to say what happened. We are in a mystical season.

A supernatural atmosphere was created for me in KS from TX.

I went back in time and climbed on top of that pile of hides.

I repented and was infused with the energy of those hides, those buffalo.

I used that pile of buffalo hides as a platform to annihilate the lies and speak truth.

That's the hope of Native America and our hope in the United States of America.

On top of that pile of hides, I say prosperity is coming to America in supernatural ways.

I say there is nothing that can stop it. We're on top of it now!

We sow into this moment with full intention, it's never for less, but always for more.