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The Month of Tammuz Resource Page

JUNE 25 - JULY 23  2017


Every day I check my calendar to see what's up for that day. I don't want to miss appointments,birthdays,ballgames, etc. It's almost like my calendar speaks to me, "This is what's ahead. Here's what you can expect. Get ready for this day."
DeeAnn and I learned that God has a calendar!

The same can be said of God's calendar - He does not want us to be surprised or taken off guard. He wants us to know what to expect and then to release our faith. God wants us to be at the right place and time. With every month there arecharacteristics, principles, blessings and insights on how to move in wholeness - body, soul and spirit.
Tammuz is a key month because we get to exercise our options. Example: transition or not, increase or not, clarity or not, praise or not. Things change when we see them in a positive light in God's timing, God's calendar.
Here's the deal. The secret to living in joy and success is to recognize that you can be different from what is currently happening to you or what has happened in the past. In an impossible situation, that I have no control over, I must realize that God does recognize me. He knows exactly where I'm at. He can cause me to get up and get what I need. This is the grace available in the month of Tammuz.
II Kings 7: The city of Samaria was surrounded by the Syrian army. Because of the force of the enemy, they couldn't go outside of the walls of the city. They couldn't move...ever felt your circumstances have paralyzed you?  (I can't go any further. I can't dream. I can't live in hope.) They ran out of water, food, supplies and were in a severe famine. It just could not get any worse. Into that scene enters a prophet named Elisha. He stands in the face of that impossible mess and says, "Tomorrow about this time, the famine will break and you'll be able to buy food."

When God's got a word for you, He knows exactly where to find you. Wow! "Tomorrow about this time."  We could be 24 hours away from a miracle, a manifestation of the word of the Lord. What a difference a day can make. What a difference a moment can make. What a difference a decision can make. Four lepers exercised their options in a moment and their lives were changed upon saying, "why sit we here until we die."
**When I was growing up my grandpa would take me fishing. I was about 12
we were in a boat in the middle of the river. Hours went by and I had caught nothing. Finally I handed my pole to grandpa and said, "Here, I'm done, there's no fish out there. I'm not waiting any longer." At that very moment, at the release of my pole, a whale grabbed my bait and grandpa began to reel it in. I said, "Grandpa, I've waited my whole life for this, let me reel it in. He said, no, you quit."
Tammuz Declarations:

  •     God knows where I'm at.
  •     God knows how to get a word to me.
  •     I know how to hear and get up and move.
  •     I will not let go of my pole.
  •     I will not quit believing in God's promises.

of us have a different role in the plan of God and every one of us is vital to fulfilling His will on earth. DeeAnn and I join our faith with yours and trust that sharing insights from the Hebrew calendar helps all of us stay on course: focused, strong and centered in His timing. Don't give up, don't give in, don't quit, don't pull back...don't do any of that. Tomorrow about this time...meditate on this...right now is yesterday's tomorrow about this time. So at any moment it could be 'tomorrow about this time.'
for prayer, encouragement and testimonies of blessing.

Not Passing The Pole,

Sandy Newman and DeeAnn Ward

Tammuz - Sound of the Month

A new level of prophecy is unlocked through a new sound.
One sound can cause the enemy's plans to unravel.
There is a sound that will propel us out of captivity into the reality of our promise.
DeeAnn gave a word at Turning Point about creating the "sound" of the Hebrew month.
This "sound" is a prophetic music and tone overview of characteristics of the tribe associated with the month.
It has the potential to take you places in the cycle of blessing unlike anything else.
Enjoy the "Sound Of The Month."

On the line below click on the "circle" to listen or click on the "down arrow" to download for free.

Sound of Tammuz.mp3

Tammuz Prayer Points
In Jesus name I decree and declare:

  • I worship the Lord in Spirit and Truth and move in.
  • Every shell around me will break and I will become vulnerable to the Lord.
  • I guard my hand and eyes and stay on God's course.
  • I watch my progress and adjust to move forward.
  • I look again at situations in my life. 
  • I walk in the righteousness of the Lord.
  • I find my redemptive role in life.
  • God's light shines through my eyes.
  • I walk in my covenant rights and alignments with power and strength.
  • I am ready to step into what God has for me.
  • I change daily into the image of Christ.
  • I declare my redemption.
  • I declare my restoration.
  • I declare my transformation.
  • I am not limited by others' bad choices.
  • I have the power to become what God ordained me to be.
  • I have purpose in the earth and I will walk in it.
  • Happiness and joy are my normal.