An Apostolic/Prophetic Team
Activating Reformation

Newsletter - August 2017 - Av

JULY 24 - AUGUST 22 - 2017


God is bringing us into covenant wisdom concerning how to steward the spheres and land boundaries He has assigned to us. He is bringing us insight into how to administrate and manage the shifting of a prayer movement to an apostolic dimension of decree.
Historically, AV has been a "low point" month. God meant it to be a "high point" month. The high point would have been that Israel would have stepped into their land of promise, received war strategy and began their life of freedom and joy. Israel chose the voice of unbelief rather than the voice of faith when they were at the border of the promised land. As a result of not believing what God had promised, AV became a month of sorrow,
fear, disaster and loss because it was associated with the curse of unbelief. Simply said, the curse began with unbelief and was held in place through refusal to exercise faith to enter in.
We are living in one of the most important times in history. God has an agenda for the earth that involves us and our faith. The great challenge is to stay in faith in the midst of the contradictions we see around us every day.
Yes, there were giants then and yes, there are giants now. Yes, their land was filled with them and yes, our land is filled with them.
Yes,the giants could devour them and yes, our giants can devour us. With that said, we must meditate on this, "I am strong and bold. I have strength to break in. I am moving in realms of faith and trust that defy the enemies of God." Done!  Meditate on that day and night and your way will be prosperous and you will have good success.
Jesus gave us the right to exercise authority to challenge anything that opposes His word. He gave us the right to exercise authority to resist demon principalities and powers. He gave us the right to exercise authority to decree a thing and see it established. He gave us the right to exercise authority to command, influence and govern the spheres He placed us in.


There is so much promise ahead of us. We must be determined to live in such a way as to honor God with a faith that will not be denied. His original desire was for us to take on the authority to grow, increase, multiply and rule over our individual areas of influence.
The month of AV was intended to be the month that Israel entered the promised land. They didn't and history has repeated itself. The door of opportunity is standing wide open for the curse to be broken in our lives. We activate what Jesus has already done for us by faith. We recognize the curse as a cycle that can be broken. We repent and renounce the sin of unbelief and we mix our faith with the promises of God.
     I think like God
     My place in the triumphant reserve is secure
     Faith is the only option
     I stand on the edge and step in
     The curse is broken

DeeAnn and I thank God for you. It gives us strength knowing we are connected to your faith, your determination, your commitment, your intercession and your friendship.
Let's Go In,

Sandy Newman and DeeAnn Ward