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Calendar: One Night, One Voice

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 On October 4, Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets are coming to Wichita for One Night With One Voice.


When these men of God come into our state they address cultural
strongholds and speak to the future of our nation.


  Chuck and Dutch send out a special invitation to join them as they continue to develop a new prototype that will help unlock the destiny of our nation. They have committed to 22 "Changing a Nation from City to City" gatherings. Wichita is one of those cities. The key scripture is Isaiah 22:22, "Then I will set the key of the house of David on his shoulder, when he opens no one will shut, when he shuts no one will open." These keys close or open spiritual doors allowing or disallowing access and activity.


Check out this timeline:

  2007: Chuck gave a word to Kansas and spoke of a center tent pole going up, a tent raised and extending out over all of America.

  2009: Chuck shared a vision he had of a tent structure over Kansas. He saw all 50 states but only one tent.

  2014: Dutch and Chuck explained that the tent poles were iniquitous pillars holding up the glory tent from coming to the land. We had 18 months to take out those iniquitous thrones.

  2015: Dutch came to Wichita and made the decree, the pillars are down!

  2017: Passover, gathered at the geographic center of the continental United States, we prophetically raised the center tent pole, the canopy came down from heaven and spread out to all of America.

  2017: October 4, we will be "under the tent" during the time of Tabernacles, in the Hebrew year of 5778.


An aerial view of Century II looks like a round tent in the middle of the city...just can't make this stuff up!


Join Us, Under The Tent,


Sandy Newman and DeeAnn Ward

Destiny Ministries


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